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Hi, I’m Seb and this is my blog where I want to find an answer to a seemingly simple question – is it possible to create a really big game starting as a one-man army? If you are curious about the results of the experiment I warmly welcome you to my blog 🙂

How it all started

I had a dream… well not quite a dream but rather a DESIRE of creating a huge and complex fantasy world that can be generated just like in Sid Meier’s Civilization games. A perfect world simulation with countless quests, randomly generated dungeons, unique NPCs, different gods, cults, guilds, towns, villages, locations and most importantly – a system that allows players to contribute and submit their content.
Does it seem impossible? Yes, it does but I assume three things:

1. I don’t set any strict deadlines. I have enough time to do everything the way I want. I’m starting this as a hobby project.
2. I’m an experienced programmer (almost 10 years of being a professional) with a wide range of experiences.
3. I have a unique vision that motivates me like nothing else.

About the game idea

So, what is so unique about the idea behind the game? I don’t want to go into too many details, but I want to focus on several things:

  1. Possibility to generate vast lands with different biomes that contain cities/villages/dungeons with the possibility of exploring them all
  2. Dungeons – they will be placed on the map but accessible only when the player finds out information about them through picking up quests
  3. Towns/villages generation – they also will be dynamically generated making every attempt unique
  4. Questing experience – depending on the current biome/player level quests will vary in length, from small jobs that will require killing some villain to exploring some dangerous dungeons
  5. Game immersion through high-quality pixel art
  6. Allowing players to contribute and providing a way of adding  quests/tiles/monsters and other in-game entities
  7. Being able to invite friends for dungeon raids 

The idea heavily utilizes content generation and this is what I’m currently focusing on. It looks like it’s a lot of work but my plan is to split it all into smaller bits. This is something that I’ve been thinking of because I know that someday I will get exhausted and my motivation will go down. To keep it high I may consider publishing small mobile games that will utilize some of the features that I already coded, but these are only my thoughts, nothing that I’m certain of. 

What’s next

In the next blog post, I’ll tell more about game mechanics, what art style I decided to use and I’ll unveil a secret of how I managed to dynamically generate shores with zoom logic as seen in the gif below.



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Last modified: September 20, 2021



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